Transitional Living

Transitional Living Program

Sunshine Acres recognizes that all children need additional guidance beyond the calendar-driven event of their 18th birthday. Unlike other programs, Sunshine Acres does not ask kids to leave our program just because they turn 18. In our Transitional Living Program, our participants can stay right with us through a Bachelor’s degree if they so choose. In addition, we support participants in four different tracks, University, Community College, Vocational Training (trade schools) or entrance in to the Military depending on the participants’ preference. Any track chosen comes at little or no cost to the participant thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Not all of our participants choose to stay with us after graduation, but those that do receive ongoing support in financial training, adult development, FAFSA and tax preparation and general life skills. Our Transitional Living participants can live in on-campus housing with live-in Transitional Living Coaches or in university dorm rooms. Either way, participants receive all the support they need to successfully transition to a successful adult life when they leave our program.

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