The Learning Center

The Learning Center

At Sunshine Acres, much like in every American home, our children frequently need academic support beyond what they receive in the classroom. Our Learning Center brings help in the form of volunteer tutors, reading specialists, speech specialists and homework helpers.

Our current volunteers include active local public school teachers, retired public school teachers, retired special education teachers, retired speech specialists, retired reading specialists, retired mathematicians, current Microsoft employees, current college students, and many other caring people who just want to lend a hand.

Our students and volunteers have access to our state of the art computer lab, art and crafts room and a well-stocked library at their disposal. Help is available after school, and on many nights, help is available as late as 8 p.m.

Whether it is help with daily homework, special projects, common core math or pre-calculus, our students can always find the help and support they need here at Sunshine Acres’ Learning Center.

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