Karate Program

Karate Program

The karate program at Sunshine Acres was started 36 years ago by Sensei John LaMarca at the invitation of Vera Dingman and Carol Whitworth, and he has been teaching the children and staff ever since. Sensei LaMarca holds an 8th Degree Master Black Belt and has been training and teaching for 38 years.
Seidokan Karate is a traditional Okinawan style of karate that teaches the kicking and punching techniques of karate plus the joint locking and manipulation techniques of Toide. The training also includes physical conditioning, as well as teaching patience, perseverance, courtesy and honor. These traits are expressed in the following:

Lessons Learned In the Dojo

  • To endeavor to complete your personality
  • To keep sincerity
  • To cultivate a spirit of effort
  • To respect courtesy
  • To rebuke hot blooded courage (not fighting with anger)
All of children and staff at Sunshine Acres are welcome to participate in classes and improve their physical and mental well being.

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