Miracle in the Desert


The story of Sunshine Acres Children’s Home is a story of love, sacrifice, devotion and miracles that will thrill your heart and inspire your life. Thousands of people have been part of this home. This book is to honor and thank every one of them. They have given money, materials and their time. They have prayed, rejoiced and cried with us. To write all the stories and mention all the names would fill several books, so I’m writing just a simple little story to tell you some of the miracles that God has wrought during the nearly 50 years at Sunshine Acres. This book is also dedicated to each and every child we have loved and nurtured. You are so very special to us and to God. Day and night we pray for you that you will receive the love of Jesus Christ, our wonderful Savior, and serve him, for He alone makes life worth living. I want to especially thank the many loving, dedicated houseparents’ who have raised our children through the years. The love and acre you have given on a daily basis has eternally shaped their hearts and lives. Sincerely,



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