Grow Team

What if I’m a dirt farmer?

Don’t fret. The gardening aspect is relatively similar only we use a different growing medium and we’re producing out of food grade PVC. Less bugs and we can grow three times faster than conventional farming.

What if I don’t have a green thumb?

No worries. Thanks to this sophisticated technology all you need is a willingness to learn and the ‘green’ will come. Our helpful and friendly staff is here to share the love of tower farming!

What are the requirements?

As with all volunteer positions at SACH, a Level 1 Fingerprint clearance card is a must. We ask for flexibility and patience as we are ever-evolving and we adjust to conditions as they arise. A heart of a teacher and the love of our mission is all you need to join our Volunteer ‘Grow Team’! Ask the front office for more details.

Will I see the children?

Absolutely. Our Junior Harvesters’ Program (JHP) has flexible hours for our kids so there’s a high probability that you will see them during the school year or in our summer work program.

What if I have limited mobility and still want to help?

No problem. There’s a place for everyone here. There is plenty to do and a job for you!

Interested in having your own tower garden?

You can purchase your very own tower garden through Sunshine Acres! Go to to begin.