Invest In Them

Sunshine Acres’ Miracle in the Desert is made possible through the grace of God and from friends like you. Investing in the children in our care allows us to give them not only a home and a family, but also the tools to be successful adults.
All donations are tax deductible. Sunshine Acres qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, formerly referred to as the “Helping the Working Poor Tax Credit.”
Following are ways you can invest in our children:  

A general donation to Sunshine Acres gives children in need not only a home, but also a family.

An Arizona charitable tax donation allows you to invest without costing you a dime!

You can help inspire wonder and confidence for the children in our care by investing in our various programs. Please see how your donations will help under the Program tab on the menu.

We appreciate the involvement of our local business partners in helping our children thrive.

Two fabulous stores in one location, our Bazaar and Boutique, with the proceeds benefiting the children in our care!

The sky is limit when it comes to helping children who need it most!