A message from our Executive Director

To all our donors and friends of Sunshine Acres Children’s Home,

Unfortunately, we have received several emails and phone calls about Sunshine Residential Group Home.  This group home has been in the news about making political donations to Governor Katie Hobbs campaign as well as receiving preferential treatment from Department of Child Safety has been reported by numerous news outlets.

For everyone that is concerned about any connection to Sunshine Residential Group Home I can promise you there is no affiliation whatsoever.

Sunshine Acres Children’s Home

  • Was founded in 1954 and remains a non-profit organization.
  • Does not take any Federal or State money for the care of our children.
  • Is licensed by Department of Child Safety but does not have a contract with the state and never will.
  • Will never turn away a child for financial reasons.
  • Will never make contributions to any political campaign.
  • Lastly, our founders mission was to provide a loving wholesome Christian home for children and we will continue to never solicit for funds for their care.

If you would like to learn more about Sunshine Acres Children’s Home and how we are different from other group homes in Arizona, feel free to contact me at 480-832-2540.


Kevin Humphrey
Executive Director