With the help of partners, donors, Board of Directors, staff and our children, Sunshine Acres Children’s Home strives to maintain sustainable measures to save money and energy for our home. For more than 57 years, we have worked to improve the future of our community by providing a loving home for at-risk youth. Those efforts are expanding GREATLY, such as taking a leadership role in sustainable energy and environment.

A major initiative at Sunshine Acres includes a remarkable partnership with SRP, Arizona State University and the city of Mesa to create a solar-powered campus. We invite you to check out our Solar Plant monitoring at our Main Office.

The Governor’s Department of Energy Policy for the state of Arizona awarded an energy grant to replace 13 air conditioning units that were eight to 20 years-old on eight different buildings. The added efficiency of these units will save us thousands of dollars each year, allowing us to focus more of our limited resources on the children in our care!